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    Nov 09 2013

    BOOKING GUIDE to Roundups

    Hi everyone!

    Some of you have been experiencing a few dramas when booking in for Roundups.  Our website is constantly under revision and we understand it is not perfect at this stage.  

    Please note:  one thing we haven't got around yet is the need to use a different email address if you are wanting to book two Ranchers into the same Roundup.  Unfortunately you'll need to have a separate email address available to receive the booking confirmation for each Rancher.

    I'm going to lay it out here so everyone is aware of what's required in order for us to receive a complete booking and for a spot at the Roundup, or on the waiting list, to be secured.

    1.  Click on the Roundup you wish to book your Rancher in to either via the homepage or in their age group section of Roundups.

    2.  Complete ALL required fields please!  They are marked with a *.  If you don't, then your booking will return to you as failed or ERROR and every attempt thereafter will fail also.  We do receive your details even if you make a failed booking so you may well have secured a spot in that Roundup.

    3.  If you do experience dramas or you're unsure, please contact us via phone or email to confirm, rather than attempting to make the booking again.


    Pete Davidson

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