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    Horse Riding Program

    Mill Valley Ranch provides a wonderful opportunity for riders of all ages to experience and connect with horses in our Western Horse Riding Program. Enjoy riding in our professional facilities and through the beautiful surrounds at Mill Valley Ranch.


    Our structured School Riding Program gives students an opportunity to ride in small groups and develop skills focussing on controlling their horse and basic horsemanship under the supervision of our Horse Safety Australia qualified instructors.  Students develop confidence and character through this activity which also encourages leadership qualities. Our riding program focuses on safety, education and fun using well trained horses that cater for all riding abilities.


    During our Holiday Riding Program riders work through a series of levels (Cowpoke to Horseman) designed to enhance the rider’s ability and understanding of horses. Ranchers are required to demonstrate a series of skills and tasks to progress to the next level. Many of our ranchers and staff have gone on to professional careers in the horse industry, as well as many developing a lifelong connection and enjoyment of horse riding. 

    Mill Valley Ranch has an excellent safety record with its Horsemanship Program and is operated by instructors who have Horse Safety Australia qualifications.  Safety standards state that a child must be at least 10 years of age to be able to participate in a trail ride and these will only be available to groups who are deemed capable by MVR trained Staff.  Leaders of the group are welcome to participate in the Horse activities as long as they are covered by the group’s insurance. In the interests of health and welfare for staff, horses and riders the Riding Program Manager reserves the right to determine an individual’s ability to ride, based on weight and physical agility and exclude them if required.

    Note: If you have your own Horse Riding Helmet, please ensure it is a current AS/NZ 3838 or ATSM SEI Certified and must still bear the sticker. The helmet must be less than 5 years old.

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