Mill Valley Ranch

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    Mill Valley Ranch


    Facilities & Accommodation

    Mill Valley Ranch has a variety of excellent facilities and accommodation for up to 100 people.


    The six Bunkhouses are disguised as old Western stores and each contain 6-10 beds and an ensuite, consisting of a toilet and two showers. They are aptly named in reference to the facade they display; Barber Shop, Drapery Store, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Penny Arcade and Saddlery. Each room has a wall heater and is setup for very comfortable camp living.



    The wagons are situated in a traditional wagon circle, which would give protection to the pioneering families in the early days. Six of the wagons contain 7 beds, while the largest wagon can accommodate 11 people. The wagons are serviced by a toilet block that is conveniently situated nearby and resembles the town's Council Chambers.


    The Railway Station

    The original Tynong Railway Station was relocated to Mill Valley Ranch in 1992 and converted into sleeping accommodation for eight people. With its own ensuite and quaint atmosphere (complete with train and railway tracks), the Station is a much loved part of the Mill Valley landscape.


    The Miners Cottage

    The Miners Cottage consists of two self contained units which provides a spot to unwind after the day's activities.

    The Stage Coach Inn

    The Stage Coach Inn is a large, restaurant quality mudbrick building that serves as our dining hall and provides a comfortable atmosphere in which to share our meals, complete with beautiful stained-glass windows. Here's a look at a sample of our menu.

    The Barn

    Our large, authentic Barn is an indoor recreation area where pool, table tennis, trampolining, cards, snakes & ladders, checkers and Ed's Alley (an amazingly simple, but incredibly addictive Ranch game) are available. This space is very flexible and can be used for all kinds of activities and can also be set up with plenty of seating for a concert or talent night, for example.

    The Cowboy Chapel

    The Cowboy Chapel is an integral part of the 1880's Western town. This is where the town-folk came every week to sing songs and hear an important message. When the Cowboy Chapel bell rings, students will be taken back to those times and introduced to a number of songs with fun actions as well as hear a valuable life lesson with a relevant Christian message. A great time for all to enjoy!

    The Bark Hut

    Go back in time to the early 1900's and take on the lifestyle of the pioneers of the area as you absorb relevant Australian History that the traditional Bark Hut has to offer. It will put a physical image to stories and information learnt in the classroom or from prior research and provide students with a great insight into how life was lived without power, internet, cars and so many modern appliances that we take for granted.

    Ice Cream Parlour (ICP) & Book Nook

    The Ice Cream Parlour is the camp snack bar & opens for half an hour each afternoon during camp. ICP sells ice cream, lollies, chocolate, chips, soft drink, milkshakes, toothbrushes and toothpaste are all available at great prices, so don't forget to bring your loose change! If you wish for ICP to operate during your school camp please make the staff aware of this prior to camp. It will be operated by the MVR Staff.

    During camp Book Nook may be open. Books, ranch souvenirs and nick knacks are all available for purchase. If you wish for Book Nook to operate during your school camp please make the staff aware of this prior to camp.

    The School House

    The School House is an old style classroom with desks, wall length blackboards and a whiteboard – convenient for educational sessions. We use it for some of our environmental program and it can be a great space for indoor initiative activities and study sessions as well .

    Blacksmith's Shop

    Our traditional Blacksmith's Shop is set up as a working environment. Ranchers can gain an understanding of how forging iron contributes to the practical operation of a working Ranch. Horse shoes, branding irons, saddle parts and nails, to name a few, were made to be used for various purposes around the Ranch. 

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