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    Mill Valley Ranch


    Ranch Activities 

     Archery  Bark Hut Amazing Race 
     Canoes  Bush Tucker Beach Volleyball 
     Commando Course Craft   Campfire
     Crate Climb Eco Tour  Ferris Wheel 
     Horses Harness Demonstration  Gaga 
     Initiatives Life Cycles Game  Happy Snaps 
     Low Ropes Mini Beasts  Hikes 
     Mountain Bikes Scats and Tracks  Sports Court 
     Raft Building School House Swimming
    Rogaining Sempahore Team Games
    and many more!    

    Western Horsemanship

    Mill Valley Ranch offers a Western Riding Program and is structured to accommodate beginners to experienced riders. Ranchers have the opportunity to learn and ride in a safe environment, with Horse Safety Australia qualified instructors. Ranchers learn responsibility and life skills, caring for the horses in a supportive team environment.


    With the ranch lake and sports field as a backdrop, the archery range is a spot for students to experience a unique sport and develop a new skill. 

    Ropes Course

    Set in the pleasant shelter of a pine forest, the low ropes course is ideal, as it is challenging without being threatening.  The circular course can be completed without touching the ground, making time trials a highlight of healthy competition. 


    Enjoy a paddle around Kangaroo Lake as you soak in the valley's tranquil environment. Trained instructors will equip students with the skills to safely and capably canoe on flat water. 

    Lake Activities

    Our lake activities are seasonal but nothing beats cooling off in Kangaroo Lake on a hot summer afternoon under the watchful eye of our Lifeguard and Staff. PFDs (Personal Flotation Device) are worn at all times at the Lake and we have a designated swimming area where the pontoon is a hit.  


    Our Initiatives course and team problem solving puzzles will encourage groups to cooperate and work together to achieve their goal.  A great activity that promotes lateral thinking, a putting others first attitude and unity within a team.

    Ferris Wheel

    A once in a lifetime ride that you'll never forget!  Grab a friend, climb aboard the two seater and strap yourselves in for a thrill of pure exhilaration!

    Bush Tucker

    A great opportunity to learn some bush skills.  Students will learn what it takes to build and start a healthy fire for cooking and have a chance to exercise these skills as they cook bush pancakes or damper over hot coals.  A Mill Valley experience not to be missed! 


    Embark on a team journey that will take you through scenic paddocks, bushland and swamps over some of the 73 hectares of Ranch landscape, to experience the majestic views of the valley.  Many different courses are setup with paths to suit various time frames and age groups.  The handy skills of map reading and compass use will be taught in a briefing session and students will be given an opportunity to put what they've learnt into practise with training checkpoints, prior to tackling the course.

    Bark Hut Tour

    Go back in time to the early 1900's and take on the lifestyle of the pioneers of the area as you absorb relevant Australian History that the traditional Bark Hut has to offer.  It will put a physical image to stories and information learnt in the classroom or from prior research and provide students with a great insight into how life was lived without power, internet, cars and so many modern appliances that we take for granted.

    Eco Tour

    Take a walk through beautiful bushland as you learn about native flora and fauna, to gain an appreciation for their role in the ecosystem.  This educational trail will provide students with an introduction to environmental awareness and conservation skills.  

    Cowboy Chapel

    The Chapel is an integral part of the 1880's Western town.  This is where the town-folk came every week to sing songs and hear an important message.  When the Cowboy Chapel bell rings, students will be taken back to those times and introduced to a number of songs with fun actions as well as hear a valuable life lesson with a relevant Christian message.  A great time for all to enjoy! 

    Wiggly Wetlands

    An exploration of the local wetlands ecosystem in and around Cannibal Creek, Kangaroo Lake and the surrounding swamplands, which are home to many macroscopic animals.

    Commando Course

    An Army style training course designed to test various areas of physicality.  Time trials will get the heart pumping!

    Amazing Race

    An engaging quest around the Ranch site to find items and answers - one for all the Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts out there.


    Our full size in ground trampoline provides the perfect place to learn and develop your trampoline skills.


    A fun, engaging activity that will encourage students to create a work of art that has a story or some meaning behind it.  Even those who don't consider themselves 'creative' come out with some impressive pieces.

    Frisbee Golf

    16 holes of cross country frisbee golf will challenge even the best frisbee throwers!  Take your friends and see who can get the best score and who can get under par.  A camp classic.

    Recreational Games

    Quoits, bocce and croquet championships are among the fun activities that make up our unique recreational games program.

    Team Games

    A great opportunity for Ranchers to take on their mates in a healthy competition of sports or unique Ranch games!


    A knock out ball sport for the energetic.  Beat your friends inside the Gaga arena by hitting them beneath the knees with the bouncy Gaga ball using one hand only - an addictive sport for all ages.  Last man (or girl) standing wins!

    Camp outs

    Make the most of the valley's 'Promised Land'.  You'll be greeted with amazing views from your hilltop camp out location.  Enjoy a night around the campfire and cook up a feast with an abundance of stars lighting up the sky that you will never experience in the built up areas of Melbourne.  What better way to get the morning started than a bush camp breakfast cook up over the hot coals!

    Free Time Activities

    Ed's Alley, table tennis, pool, stilts, basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, cricket, checkers, chess, snakes and ladders, cards, hookey and more!

    Please note, all activities are subject to seasonal conditions and appropriate weather and vary from camp to camp.

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